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Mersey Animal Hub v3.5.0 .,
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Mersey Animal Hub v3.5.0
We have updated our website.

We have made the following updates to the website. 

  • [Updated] Marketplace renamed to Pet Place
  • [Updated] System Security
  • [Updated] System Optimization
  • [Added] Live Streaming on Pages
  • [Added] Live Streaming on Groups
  • [Added] Live Streaming on Events
  • [Added] Copy Post Link to Clipboard
  • [Added] Account Activation Required
  • [Added] @mentions Now Support Any Language
  • [Added] Translate Site Title To User Language
  • [Added] Category Name with Listing Details
  • [Added] Report Categories and Report Reason
  • [Added] Search Box in Blogs Module
  • [Added] Different Currencies per Product
  • [Fixed] Re-Share Public Group Post
  • [Fixed] Blog Comments For Visitors
  • [Fixed] Delete Reports If Content Already Deleted
  • [Fixed] Translation [Select All|Deselect All|Nothing Selected] in Ads Manager
  • [Fixed] Multiple Select Custom Field Value
  • [Fixed] Lightbox Arrows Directions in RTL Languages
  • [Fixed] Video loaded with "View X New Posts" Not Playing
  • [Fixed] Edit Comment reflected on Replies Bug
  • [Fixed] Adblock Detector
  • [Fixed] Videos
  • [Fixed] Banned.Video Videos
  • [Fixed] Brighteon Videos
  • [Fixed] Mutual Friends Loader
  • [Fixed] User Name on Video/Audio Calls
  • [Fixed] Disabled Countries Issue
  • [Fixed] Minor Bugs
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